The Nissan’s fuel cost saving could easily win that sort of

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online payday loan “Our campus branch opens in the evenings after class and on Saturdays. Gimmicks to entice you to open an account are best avoided, but always read the small print. For instance, what happens to that interest free overdraft once you graduate?”. Of course the Leaf is considerably more expensive to buy new than a conventional petrol or diesel car, which would make running cost calculations all but irrelevant if it wasn’t for the government grant that’s still being offered to the UK’s electric car buyers.That potentially puts a Leaf on your drive for as little as 2,000 more than the (list) price of a Ford Focus. The Nissan’s fuel cost saving could easily win that sort of price difference back over three years of motoring. Sadly though, when you factor in the Leaf’s dreadful depreciation, the cost saving rationale flies straight back out of the window.From April 2015 company car drivers have had to pay tax on zero emissions electric cars like the Leaf online payday loan.

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